Bracenet. Save the Seas Wear a Net

When a fishing net is lost or intendedly dumped it doesn’t lose its function: it keeps on fishing until it decomposes into another danger after 600 – 800 years, so-called microplastics. Every year several millions of sea creatures die, because they got caught in these uncontrollably floating ghost nets. They account for 46 % of the plastic waste in the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, the whole patch being 4,5 times the size of Germany. Bracenet together with their partners, retrieve and clean the ghost nets all over the world and convert them into bracelets, which are more than a pretty accessory: an aide memoire, an inspiration and a conversation starter. Their aim is to make everyone aware of the danger caused by ghost nets. By wearing your Bracenet you become an ambassador to our joint goal: to protect the seas. Every Bracenet means a piece of ghost net less in the ocean.

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